SHIP Scholarship

SHIP Scholarship

The goal of the CCGA Scholarship Honor Intern Program (SHIP) is to connect and engage CCGA students, particularly those that are low-income, first generation and underrepresented, with faculty and local business leaders in career-relevant and research based internship activities. This internship initiative is important because:
• classroom knowledge is better reinforced and more completely assimilated when students are given the opportunity to apply that knowledge in practical and relevant settings
• students will develop a better understanding of and a deeper appreciation for a discipline when engaged directly with it
• establishing faculty/business leader and student mentor relationships enhance overall student support and development
• students’ résumés are more attractive to graduate schools and prospective employers with completed career and research/creative expression experience
• students are provided financial assistance to support their pursuit of an undergraduate degree
• faculty and/or business leaders are provided added research and workforce support and assistance

*Program Overview *
Students will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to work with a faculty or business related mentor in an approved career setting and/or research project(s) during the course of an academic semester. Internship projects and activities will be designed in such a way to be mutually beneficial for both the student and the mentor / mentor’s organization. The student will meet regularly with his/her internship mentor to discuss agreed upon learning outcomes, perform learning outcome-related tasks, receive assistance with career/post-graduate education planning, and debrief learning opportunities outside stated learning outcomes.

Mutually agreed upon learning outcomes will be established and may be achieved through the assignment and completion of tasks that may include the following:

• Write a Business Plan
• Develop a marketing strategy
• Conduct market research
• Develop and administer a survey
• Collect data
• Conduct a literature review
• Assist in development of IRB proposal
• Implement strategic initiatives
• Perform oversight / supervisory tasks
• Other tasks as assigned • Write journal style paper
• Develop and administer a survey
• Write a play or literary work
• Perform lab or field work
• Present at conference
• Perform data analysis

The program will have two distinct components: Career Related Internships and Research Related Internships. The following outlines the procedure for the selection of each type of internship:

Career Related Internship
Overview: Career Related Internships emphasizes on-the-job training rather than merely employment. Internship sites should provide learning opportunities beyond the performance of menial tasks. The end-goal for the student will be to gain knowledge and experience in an area of interest that will aid them in their professional development post-college.
Qualification of Candidate: Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for the SHIP program:
• do not have to be enrolled in an internship class or be seeking class credit for the internship
• enrolled in a minimum of 6 semester hours
• Must have uploaded resume to Coastal Careerlink and had it approved by Career Services (
• making satisfactory academic progress, as defined by the Office of Financial Aid – or – entering students with a cumulative 2.5 grade point average in previous academic work in high school or college
Application Process: To be considered for the SHIP program, students must:
• Complete the CCGA Foundation Scholarship application at:
• Complete the SHIP Scholarship Application at:
Selection Process: Students who apply for the SHIP program will be selected based on the follow criteria:
• Completion of the SHIP Scholarship Application Process
• Demonstration of need
• Articulation of professional aspirations / internship outcomes
• Must be Making SAP, or GPA of 2.5 if incoming or transfer
A committee comprised of a representative from the Office of Career Services, one representative from the Office of Financial Aid, and one representative from the Division of Academic Affairs will make the selection for the scholarship program.
Notification and Awarding of Scholarship: Students chosen for the SHIP program will be notified by the Office of Career Services within two weeks of the application deadline. Upon notification, students will have up to four weeks to secure an internship and have it approved by the Office of Career Services. Once the internship has been approved, the scholarship will be applied to the student’s account by the Office of Financial Aid. Students chosen for the SHIP program will have up to four weeks to secure an internship site. The student may utilize the Office of Career Services as a resource for the site selection process or the student may secure an internship site on their own. It is the student’s responsibility to secure the site. General guidelines for site selection should include, but is not limited to, the following:
• A site should be selected that places the student in the field or area of interest that will further their educational and/or professional goals.
• Site should be associated with a reputable organization in the for-profit or not-for-profit sector.
• A clearly-defined, detailed job description should be outlined for the intern.
• Tasks performed as part of the internship work should be meaningful and geared toward the student’s major, course of study, professional interest and/or learning outcomes, not strictly administrative or clerical in nature.
• Site should provide a supervisor for the student who is willing to invest a significant amount of time with the intern for instruction, demonstration, and reflection.
• Intern Hosts should be established professionals in their chosen field with significant experience in order to provide a meaningful learning experience for the student (i.e. minimum 3-5 years experience).

Once the site has been selected, the student will submit the SHIP Internship Contract to the Office of Career Services for final approval. Career Services reserves the right to accept or reject application for site approval that does not meet the letter or spirt of the above listed guidelines.

*Failure to secure an approved internship site will result in the SHIP award being revoked. Students having difficulty securing a site should contact the Office of Career Services as soon as possible for assistance. *